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THE SUSHI GAP AT PUBLIX (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. You have a valid point. There should be consistancy in every store. However the sushi operation at any given Publix store is an independant operation. They are simply vendors such as your chip and soda jockeys.
    Also you must consider saturation in the market… If every store had sushi there would be too much. I have worked in the meat department for 15 years now and until sushi came into the picture “meat” was the most perishible comodity. Those guys make that stuff like little ants all day and trow it away every morning. I will agree with you that you should be able to get anything you needed which ever store you shopped but those vendors wouldn’t absorb the losses.

    Comment by Dan — 09/27/2004 @ 08:07:07 PM

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