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  1. Humans shouldn’t be fighting. This takes fans away from a great game where the rules or the expectations for conduct are too low for parents, ie consumers, to endure. I hope everyone involved sees that ridding the NHL of fighting is the next step.

    Comment by rich lightner — 02/27/2005 @ 02:30:42 PM

  2. We also shouldn’t be spending large percentages of our incomes on sporting events, yet we do. The NHL has become a boring trap-fest, at least the fights are fun. The NHL has my family’s attention with fighting in the game and I hope it remains there.

    Comment by Jamie — 02/27/2005 @ 03:36:37 PM


    When Henry and Susan Samueli bought the Anaheim Mighty Ducks from Disney nearly a year ago, they promised not to pull that tricky Los-Angeles-Team-of-Anaheim maneuver that’s bedeviling the MLB Angels.
    That didn’t mean that the name would…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 01/27/2006 @ 05:43:03 PM

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