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MEDIA MONDAY: ELEKTRA ASSASSIN (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. I strongly second the motion. “Elektra: Assassin” is a wonder to behold, to read, to savor…a MUCH better investment of time, energy, and money than the unfortunate movie (or the equally sad movie, “Daredevil”, that it spun out of.)

    Comment by Michael — 02/01/2021 @ 11:29:59 AM

  2. Speaking of comics, what think you of Constantine coming to the big screen? I think it looks good, but not completely true to the comic?


    Comment by birdwoman — 02/01/2021 @ 07:39:18 PM

  3. I never read much of Hellblazer/Constantine, so I don’t have that perspective on it. (I think my brother might have read it, so I guess I could ask him.)

    But aside from that, the movie has a built-in disadvantage for me. I simply can’t take Keanu Reeves seriously, regardless of the role or film. While viewing The Matrix, I kept making so many “bogus, dude” wisecracks that it was impossible for me to sit through the thing.

    It’s unfair, I know. But that’s what comes of watching “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” about 50 times. It’s my cross to bear.

    Comment by CT — 02/01/2021 @ 11:57:07 PM

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