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WITHOUT RSS, DOES IT EXIST? (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. I’ve missed the boat on them (feeds, RSS, whatever), technology wise. I barely even know what they are or what they do.

    Im being a little facetious there. I understand what they ‘do’, I suppose, but the question “Is a website fully-functional if it doesn’t sport a web feed?” seems redundant to me. Isnt a ‘website’ really the same thing as a ‘web feed’? Its information being made available on the web..arent they essentially the same thing?

    I think maybe for the uber-tech-geeks out there, this stuff may be indispensible, but no one who reads my site has ever asked for it (granted, thats a small group), so its not important to me, on the sending or recieving end.

    Comment by The Belt — 08/31/2004 @ 09:22:07 AM

  2. Good points, The Belt. I tend to overestimate the technical knowledge of “regular” people. This stuff needs to be a whole lot easier to use, and the tools improved to make it better. I was writing more from the perspective of an Internet user, how my mode of interaction has completely changed now that I’ve discovered blogs and feeds.

    But obviously you are right, a blog is fully functional with or without a feed. But they aren’t the same thing.

    Comment by Greg — 08/31/2004 @ 10:27:20 AM

  3. Try the online RSS reader Bloglines with the iRider browser. Right click on the stories that interest you, and irider will pre-load them while you’re reading other pages. Very nifty.

    I’ve tried the standalone readers and, like you, never quite got what all the fuss was about.

    Comment by Tom McMahon — 09/01/2021 @ 08:50:36 AM

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