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TAMPA BAY’S CONGESTION AND SPRAWL (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. You know, It alk a lot about urban planning and stuff on sites taht are devoted to that stuff — Skyscrapercity and Skyscraperpage. WHile you see cities boom, you also see them goign through growing pains like this.

    And for some sick reason, Tmapa comes off like a different bird in dealing with the problems. Not a different bird as-so-much a cheap, closed minded one.

    Ioriio, trying to help alogn the city center, has the right idea helpign to promote urband densification. The problem is that the high-rises and other pojects goign in tend to be out of the average commuters price-range as is… That and their jobs are out in the sprawl as well.

    One of the solutions that will be costly but, if planned correctly will be a reliever of congestion, is rail transit. Of course, it works better with urban centers and Tampa being so spread out (both sides of the bay) it makes things difficult. Office parks popping up in th sticks (Race Track Road area ) and in other suburban-like areas (Gateway,, along US 19, etc) wouldn’t make things easier either with planning in Pinellas.

    But something’s got to be done and someoen needs to start something.

    You can’t keep buildign roads or expanding roads. You can’t bow to developers if you’re not goign to have infrastructure capable of supporting the new developement.

    Odds are it willb e another 10 years befor eTampa even gets the ball rolling on Mass transit and by then the costs will be so devestating that planners will fight to stop this or to start it.

    Comment by John F — 12/27/2004 @ 09:08:41 PM

  2. Just annex the whole county
    …wider roads do not relieve congestion. We’ve been increasing the capacity of raods here forever, yet your commute…

    Trackback by Sticks of Fire — 12/29/2004 @ 11:58:30 AM

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