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SAINT CONDOS-BURG (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. […] th and West. More people keep moving in, and they’ve got to live and work somewhere. Just yesterday, I noted how my town was priming for that growth with a […]

    Pingback by THE NEXT QUARTER-CENTURY BUILDING BOOM Population Statistic — 12/13/2004 @ 09:37:46 PM

  2. From someone who works peripherally in the Real Estate industry, I can tell you that most of these condos will be purchased by speculators and investors, and part time residents. I talk to agents every day that sell units to well to do out of towners, sight unseen, in cash, and we’re talking quarter of a million dollars or more.

    There are people out there with money, they just aren’t making it here.

    Comment by The ‘Belt — 12/15/2004 @ 10:19:31 PM

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