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TIME OF THE TIGERS (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. “not too much so, although one has already lost an eye”. hmm, I’d like to know what your definition of really beating each other up is.

    Comment by liz — 12/10/2021 @ 08:54:44 AM

  2. Well, in the fish world, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an more than one eye.

    As I said, the eye was already missing when I got him from the store. I hadn’t noticed at the time, and if I did, I probably would have swapped him for another. But once he was in my home tank, it would have been too much trouble to fish him out of there. And I’ve had physically-challenged fish before, so I’ve got a soft spot for them.

    It doesn’t look like the loss has slowed him down. He’s getting his share of the food, and if anything, he’s the scrappiest one (maybe the one who took his eye out is in my tank!).

    Comment by CT — 12/10/2021 @ 02:03:32 PM

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