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  1. I originally felt guilty because it is similar, but it’s different too. It’s not necessarily confessions. It’s just a place to blog.

    Can be anything at all. It’s also MUCH less sophisticated and may actually never take off. My intention is to probably stop archiving and keep it as a transient posting board. And, I actually link grouphug on there now. Thanks for the link though.

    Comment by dave — 12/10/2021 @ 09:44:26 AM

  2. PS. While I do stand confident it fits a different niche, you preyed on my inner catholic-based guilt. I emailed grouphug and asked them if they’d prefer I pull the site.

    Comment by dave — 12/10/2021 @ 10:53:18 AM

  3. Well, like I said, I don’t know if that’s necessary. There should be room for both of you (along with the other variants you list on your site). I think it’d be hard for Group Hug to argue that they’ve cornered the market on this. Plus, isn’t the current lag time there something ridiculous, like a week?? They could stand some oompetition in that case.

    Comment by CT — 12/10/2021 @ 11:06:40 AM

  4. I thought of this too, but I thought of it as more of a place to confess your deepest primal urges that you just can’t talk about, like killing your neighbor, or..

    I guess I can’t really talk about them either. I really need a site like this.

    Comment by The ‘Belt — 12/10/2021 @ 08:53:13 PM

  5. The creator of grouphug gave me a good wish.

    Comment by dave — 12/11/2021 @ 12:44:35 PM

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