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THE KINSEY CACOPHONY (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. The Counter-Sexual-Revolution Continues
    The always interesting Tampa Bay-based blog, Population Statistic, looks at the conservative attacks on the new film, Kinsey.

    The re-election of Bush on the crest of the moral-values issue is interpreted by conservative social activists as a s…

    Trackback by South of the Suwannee — 12/06/2021 @ 11:31:57 AM

  2. The Family Research Group would find something wrong with a Lassie film if it got them press and more fundraising.

    Comment by jett — 12/06/2021 @ 01:17:22 PM

  3. I think one of the things that’s happen, and gets used often, in Evangelical Christianity is the idea that every person is an authority.

    Many forms of conservative Christians believe that ever person is a priest. To quote Ben from this post at Scattered Words

    “These laws are all part of a priesthood that doesn’t exist anymore. So we don’t follow them. Christians *are* the priesthood now. We don’t require a seperate priesthood to enter the holy of holies and make atonement on our behalf, we can approach God’s throne ourselves.”

    Right there is the odd belief that individuals are the priesthood *and* they don’t have to follow the laws God set down for the priests.

    If thats’ the case I don’t find it hard that it would follow that any individual could find them selves capable of judging the quality of a scientific study despite the fact that they don’t have any understanding of the methods or the statistics behind the study.

    When you combine this with the idea that you lead with faith and the reason will follow you get really strange results.

    Comment by Michael Conlen — 12/07/2021 @ 02:55:44 PM

  4. Classic “don’t confuse me with the facts” mentality. It’s also reminiscent of behavior in other areas: PTA parents who are convinced that they know better how to educate their/all children than the educators do.

    Comment by CT — 12/07/2021 @ 09:22:02 PM

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