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  1. i’m convinced that there is no wrong or right…it’s about finding what works for you as the blogger…having said that, i’m going to give responding to every comment a try…

    Comment by donyell — 12/05/2021 @ 10:32:15 PM

  2. Here’s a question for you… When you leave a comment on another’s blog, how often do you go back to check for a response (from the blogger or another commenter)? And when do you stop checking on that comment?

    Comment by tommy — 12/06/2021 @ 12:01:18 PM

  3. Depends on the situation, but if it’s something I’m particularly curious about, I’ll check back at least a couple of times later that day. Unless it’s a blog that’s on my blogroll (and thus I check semi-regularly), I probably won’t check it after that..

    Comment by CT — 12/06/2021 @ 04:52:50 PM

  4. with a cherry on top?
    …lack of interaction on posts. He recently posted a quiz to elicit… …Busy Mom declared a “Lurker Amnesty Day,” asking people…

    Trackback by Sticks of Fire — 02/09/2021 @ 09:02:14 PM

  5. […] ’s a hangout! You want as many people in your club as the fire marshall will allow! I’ve mentioned before that I don’t possess the sure-f […]

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  6. […] t comments and links from all over the place without warning. That I can’t explain. Neither can I, man: Granted, some posts aren’t designed to eli […]

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  7. Comment Etiquette Part 1
    Is there comment etiquette and do any of us use it?Since reading tickelbugs post Popularity: A Detriment for the Runner-Ups and Poop-Ons , I’ve been thinking about researching whether there is such a thing as comment etiquette, if so, what

    Trackback by Inside Out — 04/01/2021 @ 06:21:32 AM

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