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  1. While the article has a few “oops” salaries revealed situations, they were in small, and what seems like semi-recently formed companies. Problems from companies with less than 15 people, and less than 10 years old.

    Now take that to an old corporation with thousands of employees.

    There are many things to take into account re:salary number, like time when hired, for example. Salaries are rarely adjusted for such things, and unfortunately frequently forgotten when an outsider is looking in on salaries and determining “worth”.

    Comment by David — 08/26/2008 @ 11:21:00 AM

  2. And let’s not forget recruitment/acquisition costs: When you have to up a salary offer to lure a star performer over from another company. Transparency wouldn’t show this and thus give information out-of-context.

    Comment by CT — 08/26/2008 @ 11:54:57 AM

  3. Exactly. There are a lot of scenarios where things just aren’t as simple as a number, so I completely understand why salaries are as hush as they are.

    As I suggested before, I think this idea of salary disclosure is one of those things most people grow out of once they’ve been in large organizations for an extended period of time.

    Comment by David — 08/27/2008 @ 02:08:58 AM

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