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THE SIX-ARMED OCTOPUS (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. I have always been fascinated by octopi — their intelligence amazes me, and there is something very endearing about them.

    Not that I’d want to meet a large one up close…

    Comment by david — 08/16/2008 @ 03:46:30 AM

  2. No kidding on that intelligence. I remember reading something ages ago about some guy who kept one in his aquarium (there’s a single species of octopus that’s small enough to keep in a home saltwater tank). He kept it on a regular schedule as far as the amount of light it would get during the day and night, with lights-out at like 11PM every day. One time, the guy was pulling an all-nighter in the same room as the tank, and kept the lights on well past midnight. He was startled by a squirt of water on the back of his neck — he turns around, and sees his octopus up against the glass, shooting water at him. Basically, it was signaling that it was late and that the lights needed to be turned off!

    Comment by CT — 08/16/2008 @ 07:43:15 PM

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