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JESUS THONG (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Something I would proudly hang on the clothesline.

    Comment by Spirit Fingers — 11/18/2004 @ 01:07:13 AM

  2. Whoa, scary. That wins as wierdest thing I’ve seen today and strangest piece of Christmas kitsch this year.

    Comment by Dawn — 11/18/2004 @ 04:34:47 AM

  3. Landover Baptist is the greatest, and Betty Bowers just plain RULES!

    Comment by Easy — 11/18/2004 @ 01:55:10 PM

  4. WWJD
    The “What Would Jesus Do?” thong from Landover Baptist Church’s Cafeshop.

    It’s cool, but you really want the Public/Trade thong as well.

    via Population Statistic

    Trackback by Spinneyhead — 11/19/2004 @ 07:40:15 PM

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