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  1. The disney collection tempted me, but it was too expensive and the Ariel was a bit risky/nightgown like. I was tempted to do the silk chemise like dresses but opted for a more tradtional look. Although, i’m definitely showing more shoulder than was common back in the day. I do want to look attractive and beautiful on my big day, just not trashy or giving a come hither look at the same either tho, which seems to be the case with some dresses.

    definitely didn’t expect this topic on your blog, but you are always mixing it up, aren’t you.

    Comment by Tara — 03/31/2008 @ 08:13:07 PM

  2. I bet if the Ariel gown had had a clamshell bra (like it, y’know, should), you’d have gone for it ;)

    It did occur to me to include a caveat about why I, who’s nowhere near matrimony, am reviewing wedding fashions. Let’s just say the mood struck me.

    Comment by CT — 03/31/2008 @ 11:16:57 PM

  3. I seriously want to put everything about the concept of “Disney Bridal” in the dictionary entry on “ridiculous.”

    Comment by tim — 04/02/2021 @ 06:20:45 PM

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