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MOVIE THEATERS, MINUS MOVIES (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Interesting. I’ve idly wondered occasionally why so many people still flock to theatres to see movies, when - as you pointed out - you can enjoy the movie just months or weeks later in the comfort of your own home, with your own refreshments, your own family or friends, and for practically free (on a cable channel).

    Wonder if the theatres would be good as lecture halls for local colleges?

    Comment by david — 03/24/2008 @ 02:43:12 AM

  2. I make a weekly trip out to a local theater in order to watch the TV show “Lost”. They also show Heroes, The Office, and 24. They can’t charge for admission, so what happens is that you buy a food voucher in order to reserve a seat. You can walk up to the window and get one for free, but it’s turned out to be so successful that they frequently sell out. It’s been extremely successful.

    Comment by trumwill — 03/24/2008 @ 05:48:25 PM

  3. Theaters have long touted renting themselves out to businesses for offsite meetings, presentations, etc. Yet I’ve never run into anyone who’s actually attended such an outing. Personally, it strikes me as a cheapo second-rate option for corporate meeting space :)

    If those TV parties keep getting popular, look for the networks to find a way to start charging for the experience.

    Comment by CT — 03/26/2008 @ 10:31:43 AM

  4. Yeah, my first thought about hearing about the TV watching was “Can they do that?” Then I reasoned that maybe they could because of commercial revenue and because they’re not charging for admission… but they skip through the commercials. So unless the theater is paying ABC, ABC isn’t making a dime. I can’t imagine that sustaining. Maybe the networks are going to sit back and see if something comes of this trend before opening the cash registers.

    That’d be unusually open-minded and far-sighted of them. Chances are they either don’t know about it, are legally prohibited from doing so for some reason that I don’t know about, or they already are getting paid by the theater. There’s such an opportunity for win/win here that I can’t help but think that the networks don’t know about it and will shut it down or charge excessive rates when they do.

    Comment by trumwill — 03/26/2008 @ 05:35:37 PM

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