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COMMANDSHIFT3 ALL OVER YOU, DAVID POGUE! (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. 1. CommandShift3 is an amazing and awesome domain given its content.

    2. My own blog will be undergoing a complete visual revolution, mainly owing to the fact it is moving to MT 4 Open Source. It actually is already moved there, I just need to decide on what the visual layout’s going to be, and MT4 has a completely new design language (the old language works too, but I might as well learn from the bottom up). As soon as I’m happy, I’ll change the router’s assignments from one server to the other, and it’ll be a whole new world. Except for my users who read via RSS, who won’t notice any differences (and neither will yours!)

    3. Always fun to see yourself matched up against another blog you read, eh? I have to admit some of the sites you lost to are uglier than this, though, so I question the voters’ judgment.

    Comment by tim — 01/09/2021 @ 01:39:10 PM

  2. Once you’ve rebooted the site, submit it to CS3 and watch the bloodshed! If you’re looking for design concepts, I say leave that photo of that American Gladiator chickee on the page forever ;)

    Believe me, I’m not putting much stock in the win-loss-tie results, it’s purely subjective. Just one more distraction…

    Comment by CT — 01/09/2021 @ 02:50:22 PM

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