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DESTROY NEW YORK! OR EDIFICE ENVY (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. New York also has the most recognizable landmarks and a skyline familiar to those across the country. The same can’t be said for most other cities that might have one or two shots you could use. NY is just easier for the audience.

    Comment by David — 12/27/2007 @ 01:02:59 PM

  2. OMG I ask this question all the time, leave us alone Hollywood! I hated it even before the WTC attacks, IE films like Armageddon and people falling out of a skyscrapper already had me horrified, nevermind after the real thing. However, I think they choose New York because it’s so iconic and prestigious that they know it will terrify us no matter where in the country audience members live.

    Comment by Tara — 12/27/2007 @ 03:04:58 PM

  3. True enough, NYC’s the most bang for the buck on landmarks. The Walt Whitman Bridge (Philadelphia) or Sears Tower (Chicago) aren’t nearly as recognizable.

    Although I will say that Washington DC comes close to matching New York, with all the Federal buildings and monuments.

    Comment by CT — 12/27/2007 @ 09:24:39 PM

  4. […] was a story a couple of days ago, linked to by Costa, about why New York City is so often the victim of massive waves of cinematic destruction. The […]

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