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WIPODS? (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Some kind of merger of that new XM portable ( and the iPod would be pretty sweet.

    Comment by Tim — 11/09/2021 @ 04:37:57 AM

  2. The iPod isn’t wi-fi enabled yet, but why let that stop you from getting connected? wiPods already exist, but just not how you thought. released the first free wireless listing for the iPod last July.

    In the last week or two, they have added some new friends to the freefi family.

    From New York to LA, and many other regions in between (including Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Indianapolis, New York, Ohio, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Texas), is sharing the Fi.

    Now people all across the country can access the leading free wi-fi listing from their iPod, mobile phone (WAP), or RSS.

    Happy wiPodding!

    Comment by Ryan — 11/09/2021 @ 01:54:12 PM

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