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CYBER MONDAY, REALIZED (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. While cyber’s outdated as a term, almost every site I’ve ever worked on is busier during businesss hours. While I might put the speed thing to the test, the fact is most are chained to a desk during the day and still surf more at work than at home, no matter what the connection. Having the sale day the first biz day after Thanksgiving makes a lot of sense, they just need to rename the thing.

    Comment by David — 11/28/2007 @ 02:45:12 PM

  2. When you say “busier”, do you mean just visitor/pageview traffic? No question people surf a ton while at work, but I’m wondering how many take the next step and actually login to buy something off eBay, Amazon, etc. off their office computer, risking employer detection. Undoubtedly, a fair percentage do, and that adds to the Cyber Monday effect.

    My gut is that it’s fairly “safe” to just surf while on company time, whereas actively buying stuff on the corporate bandwith is a no-no. I’m probably swimming against the tide on that one.

    And let me drop a tracking tool that sheds a little light on holiday-time online shopping, Cyber Monday and beyond: The Chase Paymentech Pulse Index. Disclosure: I’m contributing some work toward the compilation of this Index.

    Comment by CT — 11/28/2007 @ 07:47:17 PM

  3. The last few years, no matter which office I’m in, it seems no one has a problem purchasing anything on company time.

    Comment by David — 11/29/2007 @ 01:52:03 PM


    First there was Black Friday, signifying the start of concentrated consumerism to start the year-ending holiday season.
    With the birth of ecommerce came Cyber Monday, which despite its dubious pedigree has now become more or less bona fide as a Web sh…

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