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FACEBOOK FACING A BEACON BACKLASH? (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. They already have opt-outs on a per-purchase or per-store basis. What they need is an *opt in*. And so far that’s what they’re refusing to do.

    Comment by Thud — 11/22/2007 @ 12:28:30 PM

  2. Good point. Although the opt-out seems barely token: A barely-noticable interstitial pop-up that disappears after 20 seconds, after which consent is assumed? They’re basically shoving this down their users’ throats.

    Comment by CT — 11/23/2007 @ 10:27:22 AM


    I had figured the Beacon backlash would prompt Facebook to overhaul its new Social Ads system within days, and that’s just what happened, as the social network has now implemented greater user controls for opting-in.
    What’s more, the compan…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 11/30/2007 @ 08:16:06 AM

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