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  1. I’m not sure it’s wise, and not just because you’re likely to alienate the nanny-party element in the Republican wing. The coat hanger was chosen as a powerful pro-choice symbol because what it suggests — unsafe, dangerous, improvised back-alley abortions that risk the life of the mother — is both emotionally heavy and stomach-turning. I see this ad, think “back alley abortions,” and get sick to my stomach. Why any company wants that associated with their brand — even as a witticism — is beyond me.

    Comment by Thud — 09/18/2007 @ 05:36:10 AM

  2. This particular ad is easily the most extreme one they’ve got, visually; the others have a more obvious tinge of humor. I’d have to guess they’re shooting for controversy, along the lines of “no such thing as bad publicity”, in which case the suggestion of wire-hanger abortions fits the bill.

    If this were the only ad they were running, or even highlighting, they would be playing with fire. As part of a mix with less-threatening but still edgy ads, I think they’re (mostly) safe.

    Your comments, though, made me wonder: Is the wirehanger, even with the “her right to choose” verbage, obvious enough for everyone? I’m guessing not everyone knows their history, and it might be flying over some heads. Plus the subtle double-meaning of the visual: Obviously, you find wire hangers in closets…

    Comment by CT — 09/18/2007 @ 08:35:00 PM

  3. The “any publicity is good publicity” thing always seemed to me to be true only if your brand was already mud, like a used car dealership or Verizon. And, maybe, self-storage units.

    Comment by Thud — 09/18/2007 @ 09:30:14 PM

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