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THAT’S MY LIL’ BUSH (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Your thoughts echo mine. “That’s My Bush” was mildly amusing - but 9/11 quickly torpedoed it, thank goodness.

    And when I saw the ads for “Lil Bush,” it just didn’t make sense to me. And I caught a few minutes of it — very lame. As you noted, heavy-handed, which is not usually conducive to comedy (unless your first name is Jim and your last name is Carrey).

    Sometimes I just don’t understand who Comedy Central is targeting.

    Comment by david — 06/18/2007 @ 10:42:51 PM

  2. Like I said, I’m sure they’re in it solely for the controversy potential.

    I noticed that the show was produced by Amp’d Mobile. Maybe it’s a test run for further joint ventures.

    I think I’ll always have a soft spot for “That’s My Bush”, simply because it was more of a sitcom parody than a Bush parody. Just by having a nosy neighbor living next door to the White House, who would drop in unexpectedly on W — conjuring up everyone from Fred Mertz to Kramer — ensured my affection for an otherwise doomed series.

    Comment by CT — 06/19/2007 @ 12:08:45 AM

  3. Go to TV, and you can watch all the “That’s my Bush” Episodes….I hope you will give it another chance….It was cancelled for one reason only; 9/11….The ratings were actually quite good….I was deeply saddened by the cancellation of this show. Some of the acting was somewhat questionable, but that’s to be expected in a comedy show’s first season…I am just glad that someone had the balls to satire Bush again…and “My Lil’ Bush is fantastic, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Cheney is the best on that show.

    Comment by Brian Johnson — 06/26/2007 @ 09:02:49 PM

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