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TREND O’LANTERN (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. My, that’s one fine looking pumpkin. I wish I could decorate a pumpkin as nice as that one.

    Comment by Anonymous — 10/29/2004 @ 04:43:34 PM

  2. Pretty fancy pumpkin you’ve got there! Very intricate details. Impressive!

    Comment by ????? — 10/29/2004 @ 05:33:55 PM

  3. Kind of makes me want to call 1800- ASKGARY.

    Comment by ????? — 10/29/2004 @ 05:38:37 PM

  4. Reveal yourselves, all of you! ;)

    Comment by CT — 10/29/2004 @ 06:33:37 PM

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