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THE MOON AND HARVEY’S (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Did you at least see the eclipse?

    It wasn’t as red as I thought it would be. In my head, it was gonna be like a blood orange.

    Comment by r* — 10/28/2004 @ 02:25:57 PM

  2. Yeah, those were my sentiments: Underwhelmed. I’ve seen a lunar eclipse before, and been similarly disappointed. I should have known.

    I guess I wasn’t in a good location for it. The Times got a peach of a shot from somewhere in St. Pete; they must have been using a telescopic lens. I used my binoculars for a better look, and still didn’t see it nearly that big, nor that red (I was more impressed by the early views of the Earth’s shadow falling over the face of the Moon).

    I was also disappointed that I couldn’t see it from my patio; I’d planned to sit there for a while and observe. Instead, I had to walk out my front door and crane my neck every 10 minutes.

    Comment by CT — 10/28/2004 @ 03:02:49 PM

  3. hey, thanks for stopping by. i’m pretty sure that i agree with you concerning stipe. it is a love song, after all. (i think).

    Comment by zaque — 10/28/2004 @ 03:20:45 PM

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