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CONSPICUOUS THIRD-PARTY EARBUDS (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. The longer cord on one earbud is so you can comfortably pass that earbud around the back of your neck instead of the front, where it is out of the way and less likely to get wrapped up in anything you’re doing in front of you.

    The difference is hard to explain, but easy enough to test yourself — so if you’re saying “I don’t think it would make that much difference,” give it a shot.

    Comment by Thud — 01/28/2007 @ 10:59:32 AM

  2. Yeah, I guess I didn’t make it clear that this was the purpose of that asymmetry. I’ve tried it; it doesn’t feel right to me. Plus, since I’m bundled up with coat and scarf while listening to the iPod these days, that maneuver actually puts the chord more in the way.

    I have found a workaround of sorts: Wrapping the scarf over the earphone chords. That way, I can unplug my ears and let the buds drop, and they won’t fall far.

    Comment by CT — 01/28/2007 @ 02:08:34 PM

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