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NICKNAMES, THE COLLEGE YEARS (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. So, girls don’t get nicknames or what?

    Comment by r* — 10/14/2004 @ 09:22:09 AM

  2. I thought about that… Generallly, they didn’t; seemed to be more of a guy thing. But now that I think of it, there was one girl I remember getting a nickname, and I forgot to include her. I’ll amend the list later tonight.

    Comment by CT — 10/14/2004 @ 09:55:52 AM

  3. […] Tsiokos Thursday, October 14, 2021 NICKNAMES FOR THE LADIES My little rundown of college nicknames was, as R* pointed out […]

    Pingback by Population Statistic — 10/14/2004 @ 11:39:36 PM

  4. Seems like most of the guys I knew who had nicknames, aquired them in Autumn Term. A full three weeks with only freshman getting drunk everyday will do that. Here is a list of names I remember: Wild Bill, Asshole Bill, Generic Bill, Billy Mac, Scoot, Fish, Booger, Sewer, Fat Rick, Zero, O-B, Holls. I’m sure I’ll remeber more later.

    Comment by Jesse Turtle — 10/15/2004 @ 09:42:56 AM

  5. Thumning through my mental file cabinet I do recall a few names. Scott Linnenburger’s name was shortened to Linny; a guy named House (I believe a derivitive of his last name); Tommy Miller was Tomcat and we called his best friend Dan Jeffres “Dan Theman” after I left Tom a note that Dan “The Man” was looking for him he later told me he tried to call this Dan guy but the EC phone listings did not have a “Theman” listed; The only female nickname I can remember was a student we called “Farmer” because she was always out “ho”-ing; The only other one that springs to mind is a student that became known as “Dickie”. People often wonder why you would go by that name but I contend you really don’t have much choice when it becomes a nickname. He got it because we decided that there were too many Richards to keep track of. On a final note: Puppet is Greg Pierce and he is a local. After law school he moved back to St. Pete and started a company in Tampa (API). Goose is Craig Rose and the last I heard he was a PhD researcher at FIU (Marine Biology?). I also remembered that we liked to call Rambo, Dazzeling Diamond Dave Downing because it really annoyed him and we wanted to see if he would snap.

    Comment by Richard Anderson — 10/15/2004 @ 10:45:55 AM

  6. I did think of House, but I remember absolutely nothing about him. In fact, at first I got him confused with Oaf. So I left him off.

    Thanks for refreshing me on Goose and Puppet. And I don’t remember Farmer, but if she’s at the reunion, you’ll have to introduce me ;)

    I think Jesse’s right about Autumn Term being the perfect gestation time for nicknames: You’re in a new environment, forming new relationships, etc. A new identity via nickname is natural (whether you want it or not).

    Comment by CT — 10/15/2004 @ 01:48:06 PM

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