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THE ARGENTINE STEAK-EATING CULT (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. There are a number of small American farms that sell grass-fed rather than grain-fed steaks. That’s not the same as eating wild cow, I suppose, but it might help approximate it. Grass-fed beef is usually found at farmers markets or organic markets / co-ops that carry meat. (Some do!)

    Comment by Thud — 05/11/2021 @ 07:38:15 AM

  2. Interestingly, when those small family farms began to raise grass-fed cattle…they ran into a problem.

    Cattle in the US have not been selected for being good grazers for decades. Here in Argentina, there has always been constant selection for animals that get fat…on grass, of course. All cattle get fat on corn though it is not a natural diet for the animal and therefore causes medical problems.

    Thus the ranchers’ first efforts were less than optimal and their grass-fed herd may not yet be at the level they wish.

    Comment by maskow — 05/14/2006 @ 06:18:10 PM

  3. The best is yet to come from Argentine beef, then. Good to know, thanks!

    Comment by CT — 05/14/2006 @ 09:42:15 PM


    Why did Roosevelt Union Free School District become the first-and-only school district to ever be taken over by the State of New York?
    Maybe a superintendent junket to Argentina to the tune of $6,010 had something to do with it:
    The audit questioned…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 05/23/2006 @ 10:45:34 PM

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