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  1. A day or two before I left for Venice I put gas in my tank for $2.26. I filled up a week and change later for $2.56. Right now most of the Bay area is hovering around the $2.70. I’m learning to really like the sushi place and Quizno’s within walking distance of my house.

    Of course the ultimate question - how much more expensive will it need to get before the majority of the public realizes they may want to own a smaller car? I swear I’ve seen an unusually high number of 70’s tanks of late, as if to really remind me it’s not going to happen soon.

    Comment by Joel — 04/08/2021 @ 09:00:47 PM

  2. Don’t know what “70’s tanks” are; elaborate, please?

    In the past, I’ve heard that the $5-per-gallon mark would trigger a watershed moment. I believe that’s what the price has been in Europe for the past decade or two, owing to tons of taxes and surcharges. It’s resulted in less driving and smaller efficiency cars there. I’d hope it wouldn’t have to get to that point Stateside.

    Comment by CT — 04/09/2021 @ 09:41:20 PM

  3. Sorry, it made sense in my head - I was referring to those gas-guzzling sedans like Oldsmobiles and Buicks American companies were so fond of in the 1970’s. The ones that were so quickly banished from existence by the small Japanese cars that spelled relief from the gas crisis. Now they make great low-riders.

    Yes indeed, Europe gas prices are pretty outrageous (once you learn how to convert from liters to gallons and Euros to dollars). During two weeks in European cities with cars last year I saw a grand total of 2 SUVs.

    Meanwhile I saw an inordinate amount of Minis and SmartCars . Not only are they economical but they’re much easier to drive through those tight European streets. Much easier to parallel park too, another European essential.

    Comment by Joel — 04/12/2021 @ 12:49:08 PM

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