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BUSINESS CARDS AS PICK-UP LINES (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Paper cuts

    Gayle cleans out the old billfold, and look what happens: I was cleaning out my wallet at work and had all these useless business cards I was dumping out on…

    Trackback by — 04/07/2021 @ 10:16:00 AM


    I’ve already made note of this, but I still can’t get over it: Everywhere I look in the Big Apple, I keep seeing people dressed in The North Face duds.
    With winter finally departing, I’m guessing I won’t see quite as much of …

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 04/13/2006 @ 11:35:52 PM

  3. Well, I don’t know if what you say is true. What I do know is that somehow, I ended up with your businesscard in my purse. I don’t remember anyone giving it to me. Did you put it in there when I wasn’t looking?

    I’m not kidding! How do you think I found your website? It even has your phone # on it (which I won’t put here. I don’t recognize the area code).

    Hmm… Let’s see what you have to say about this!

    Comment by Diane — 04/15/2006 @ 06:45:11 PM

  4. I’d say that at least one of us was drunk ;)

    I haven’t resorted to sneaking them into ladies’ purses yet. So if I didn’t give it to you directly, maybe it was passed on to you. Glad it brought you here!

    Comment by CT — 04/15/2006 @ 07:59:30 PM

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