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FRED AND BARNEY LIGHT UP (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Good catch on the title. It would be a different thing if it were Bugs Bunny, but one of the most groundbreaking things about The Flintstones was that it was a cartoon that wasn’t aimed squarely at children. It was just Honeymooners in goofy outfits.

    Comment by trumwill — 03/11/2021 @ 06:49:06 PM

  2. S’funny, I always considered “The Honeymooners” to be the Flintstones in goofy outfits ;)

    Comment by CT — 03/11/2021 @ 06:54:07 PM

  3. These have been available on for, wow, at least five years. If they weren’t shut down then, I don’t see why they would now.

    Comment by tim in tampa — 03/11/2021 @ 09:41:29 PM

  4. The interesting thing is that while might have the right to showing it, youtube does not, much like the other websites that were asked to take this down.

    Comment by Nils — 03/12/2021 @ 08:51:14 AM

  5. Well, searching through, I couldn’t find a trace of this clip. Did find a couple of emulators for the old NES Flintstones game, and a compendium of old Winston ads that didn’t include the Bedrock crew. So if it ever was on there, it ain’t now (for the moment). tries to take pains to host only works that are in the public domain. To my knowledge, they don’t secure rights for works that still require licensing. You’ll find a lot of old cinematic cartoons on there that, while featuring characters (Popeye, Bugs Bunny) that are still private property, have themselves become free-range. I’m sure unauthorized stuff slips through all the time; I’m not sure how much of it stays there.

    Comment by CT — 03/12/2021 @ 10:51:47 AM

  6. Yeah, it’s possible. I just remember being on back when i was in college, downloading those Flintstones Winston ads. And that was 1999.

    Comment by tim in tampa — 03/12/2021 @ 11:50:23 PM

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