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  1. you should do something about it. if you have the hots for her, perhaps she does too, just both parties are too shy to make a first move.

    having said all that, i hope you are not into dudes. in that case, she would always just be another piece of eye-candy.

    Comment by Tian — 09/30/2004 @ 03:52:08 AM

  2. If there ever was an opportunity, it’s long since passed. We know enough about each other now to know that there are too many personality differences for us to get along.

    I don’t know where the “into dudes” thing came from. I’m all-too-hetero.

    Comment by CT — 09/30/2004 @ 09:14:33 AM

  3. If you’re blogging about her, you need to call her!!!

    Since when do you know if you’re compatible with someone because of their professional demeanor anyway?

    I know lots of fun and considerate party types who generally have to act like hard-nosed a$$holes at work. I’m sure their coworkers hate them, but I don’t.

    Comment by r* — 09/30/2004 @ 10:34:43 AM

  4. To blog equals to desire? I gotta write that down…

    Short story: We never dated, but we did spend enough non-work time together, in spontaneous and not-so-spontaneous situations, to get a feel for each other. Nothing ever clicked. I won’t say I’m 100 percent sure on this, but close enough. Trust me.

    Comment by CT — 09/30/2004 @ 06:47:33 PM

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