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  1. i have never been in a market this size that is so apologetic for that abortion of a baseball franchise as the tampa bay media, both print and electronic. aside from j.p. peterson and an all-too RARE column from martin fennelly, it’s almost like people are scared they are going to get their hands slapped by the nuns for speaking ill of the team.

    joe henderson occassionally would have a breath-of-fresh-air column, only to have a “but… ” somewhere in it, as if to say, “i’m sorry for speaking the truth that the rays suck out loud. they really mean well. i don’t want to insult anyone. i’m sorry.”

    chris thomas, who was the best thing going in this market for electronic media, was nothing but a schill for the rays. he’d rag all day long about the glazers, but never ever said anything about naimoli.

    (let’s see: the glazer boys take over a joke of a franchise, and win a super bowl, and they get hammered constantly. naimoli ran/runs arguably the worst franchise in the history of professional sports, and he gets a pass. what’s wrong with this picture?)

    gary shelton wrote a galling column two years ago about how much naimoli cares about the team. when i emailed him asking how much he was paid by naimoli to write such tripe, he got all bent out of shape.

    granted, pinnochio naimoli is mostly gone (he still owns like 10 percent of the team — enough to keep me away), but man, in any other market, this guy would have been absolutely crucified. and rightly so.

    the fact that romano wrote (another) puff piece about the rays surprises me… well, not at all.

    it seems to be the norm for baseball coverage in this area. (sigh).

    Comment by anon — 01/19/2006 @ 04:20:57 PM


    They’re division enemies of the hometown Yankees, but the New York Times knows a good baseball-team-as-distressed-property story when it sees one. The Tampa Bay whizkid braintrust of Matthew Silverman, Andrew Friedman and owner Stuart Sternberg is presented as Wall Street fix-it experts determined to resurrect Major League Baseball’s saddest-sack franchise.

    Among the finance science

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