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FREEFALL, MARCUS VICK-STYLE (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. i think the (attempted) connection between clarett and vick, aside from timing, is that their collective IQ must be slightly above 78.

    the day after clarett decided to jack a couple for a cell phone — more on that later — he was to sign a contract to play in nfl europe. we both know what happened to that appointment.

    clarett apparantly had met with his old coach at ohio state, tressel — the same guy he threw under a bus, and was later absolved — for help, thinking he had no chances left.

    tressel made a few phone calls and apparently got an nfl team to give clarett a chance.

    and he threw that away for a free cell phone. best i can tell, there are all sorts of places to obtain a free cell phone, you don’t have to stick up a couple in your hometown for one, in a city where virtually everyone knows who you are.

    (the woman clarett held up called 911. when the 911 operator asked what the perp looked like, her answer was, “oh, maurice clarett.”)

    vick is equally a moron. the day (or was it three?) after he declares for the nfl draft (because he was tossed off of his team for lord knows how many offenses), he decides to audition for the role of “hamburglar,” flashing a rod at a couple of high school kids in a mcdonalds.

    really, really bright. you know most of us grow out of the desire to play hamburglar by the age of six.

    i mean, it’s getting to the point with vick he’s not dangerous to himself, he’s becoming a public menance. what’s next, him actually firing a gun at somone? seriously.

    you forgot one player in your list of busts: the infamous larry (lawrence) phillips, who really, really has some serious issues.

    Comment by anon — 01/13/2006 @ 12:25:43 PM

  2. Lawrence Phillips is the first “ghost” I mentioned here…

    If you want to get a list of self-imploding highly-touted prospects going, toss in Todd Marinovich too.

    Of course, it’s easy to identify the brighter stars. Below them, there are thousands of lesser talents that screwed themselves during brief brushes with the big leagues.

    Comment by CT — 01/13/2006 @ 12:42:41 PM

  3. re: larry phillips. so you did. my error.

    as for lesser players dooming themselves after brushes with the law, who was that stiff quarterback from maryland who was the bucs, no. 3 quarterback behind the immortal eric zeier and budding hall of famer trent dilfer? can’t remember the name but many bucs fans thought of him as the great white hope.

    after getting pinched for a dui, he was cut soon after the season concluded.

    he was signed by another team (atlanta?), but cut before the start of training camp the next season, effectively ending his nfl days.

    to his credit, he wasn’t stupid enough to hold people up for an item he can get for free legally, or play hamburglar at the nearby mcdonalds.

    Comment by anon — 01/13/2006 @ 01:40:52 PM

  4. You’re thinking of Scott Milanovich. Last seen in the Arena league.

    He actually was another example of handicapping yourself before you go pro. I seem to recall that he was heading for a fairly high draft position (not first-round, but probably second- or third-rounder), but he was nabbed placing bets with a bookie and suspended by the NCAA. That was all it took; his career washed out after that.

    Comment by CT — 01/13/2006 @ 02:09:27 PM

  5. milanovich, of course. couldn’t remember the name. good call. thanks.

    yes, he should be in the same wing of athlete’s hall of stupidity as vick and clarett.

    Comment by anon — 01/13/2006 @ 03:35:39 PM

  6. Anyone can see the Clarett situation was a set-up to destroy him and make sure he doesn’t get in the NFL. His enemies planned it for some time. Tressel used the potential contract to get him to come back to Columbus, and once there, they had him in town. Also notice the timing. Right before the bowl game so they could milk the story. They will pay for it. It always comes back.

    Comment by Eric — 01/13/2006 @ 04:32:44 PM

  7. Who should have the rights to the book How to Lose Millions Before you make a Penny Markus or Maurice?

    Comment by Keys Treasures — 01/15/2006 @ 01:17:03 AM

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