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  1. Blitz: the League may have gotten a little press - but is it selling? I don’t know anyone who’s played it and I don’t hear anything about “charts” when it’s mentioned.

    I only target that because you’ve brought it up in a few posts, and a response to one of my comments as though this game has had any impact on anything other than a few promotional pieces - but it doesn’t seem like it has.

    Midway itself doesn’t seem to be doing all that great. Hype is sometimes just hype.

    Comment by David — 01/09/2021 @ 06:27:43 PM

  2. You’re referring to this “buzzworthiness” mention of mine, which was written very much tongue-in-cheek (if it’s at all significant to write vs. say something with tongue implanted within cheek).

    I don’t mean to make more out of Blitz than what it is: Equal parts marketing stunt and videogame. It came to mind in this post just in terms of the NFL’s recent overall marketing movements — not that these two instances are necessarily linked.

    You might be pointing something out, though: I could be inadvertently providing the game more hype than it deserves. Plus, looking at it objectively, it even hints at a viral ad product placement on my part (which I’m not doing, promise).

    I dunno… for some reason, it’s burrowed itself into my brain for the moment. I think it’s mostly because of the way it came into being, as an unintended consequence.

    Comment by CT — 01/09/2021 @ 06:49:59 PM

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