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WAYWARD EYEGLASSES (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Yeah, but if they’re like me, they go all Magoo when their glasses come off and can’t see them to find them anyway.

    I’m like a reverse f’n Superman.

    Comment by David — 12/08/2021 @ 12:27:46 PM

  2. Well, there’s no way for me to misplace my glasses, because aside from bedtime, they never come off. Pretty much blind without them (although it’s sometimes fun to take them off and walk a few paces).

    Comment by CT — 12/08/2021 @ 02:08:59 PM

  3. Awesome! I was in your building yesterday, and the security guy and I had a very silly discussion about those glasses! We started off simply surmising, and ended up mimicking blind drivers and making quite the ruckus!

    There were only three pairs there, then. I should have called you!

    Comment by r* — 12/08/2021 @ 02:11:19 PM

  4. Just walked by our Security Desk in the lobby and one of our employees was turning over a pair of glasses she had just found… I could hear myself laughing out loud, noticed people looking at me, but, couldn’t control myself. I might walk over tomorrow and check out the Times Building Glasses Shrine for myself. My best guess to this riddle are those wacky snow birds.

    Comment by Hunk Oman — 12/08/2021 @ 04:41:35 PM

  5. Uncontrollable laughter, prompted by blog minutae? Bad sign, pal; I think you’re about to go bonkers! If you do stroll over, have them give me a buzz — I’ll bring you that candy bar you’re hankering for.

    And Miss Rachel: Love to know what you were doing in my neck of the ‘hood….

    Comment by CT — 12/08/2021 @ 08:03:33 PM

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