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PIPPEN: APPLE’S VIDEOGAME CONSOLE (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Man, I used to know of a site that had some info on this. If someone does end up coming across it, Im pretty sure it started life as a set-top box. There were actually some preproduction models floating around on eBay a few years back. A bunch of the people who started WebTV were former Apple employees, as it turns out.

    It wouldnt surprise me. One of the little hacks a lot of people didn’t know about with the WebTV’s was that they could run DOOM, among other things.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/14/2004 @ 10:23:19 PM

  2. Here’s a link to an article about the set-top device, theres a link to a picture there too..

    Im not sure this device and the gaming device were one and the same, but I seem to remember that Apple had some kind of deal started up with Konami, and it was going to run their games. Something like that.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/14/2004 @ 10:37:30 PM

  3. Whoops, no photo link there. Try this one:

    Comment by The Belt — 09/14/2004 @ 10:38:55 PM

  4. Ok, wow, I have too much time on my hands tonight.

    Ignore all that other stuff. This is what you’re looking for, about halfway down the page.

    The links I posted above obviously aren’t related to this thing. The company was Bandai, not Konami, and I guess they sold some of ‘em in Japan, but it never caught on here, probably because of the big price tag.

    Thats it for me, Im going to bed.

    Comment by The Belt — 09/14/2004 @ 10:54:08 PM

  5. Thanks for the digging! I’m guessing Jobs pulled the plug on this puppy before it ever saw daylight.

    Comment by CT — 09/15/2004 @ 07:50:06 PM

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