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ARRESTED FOR LEECHING WI-FI (opens in new window/tab)

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  1. Trying to find out what, if any, software is available to detect those leeching off my wi-fi network….it wouldn’t bother me as much if my bandwidth wasnt so drastically affected. makes my wifes online gaming a little sluggish as well…..anyhow thanks for posting, perhaps you can help….e-mail me if you can find anything, leave the message topic as “Bandwidth issues” if you get this……thanks Geoff, billings montana u.s.a

    Comment by geoff — 10/03/2021 @ 06:19:00 PM

  2. SPTIMES.COM’S TOP 10 FOR 2005

    Who can tell what will tickle online news junkies’ fancy? The Top Ten list of 2005 stories on the St. Petersburg Times online edition hints that it’s not the likeliest suspects.
    Anyone who’s read this blog for a fair amount of time …

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    As more people set up wireless access points for their Internet connections, they’re finding more of their nearby neighbors piggybacking onto the signal and often slowing down broadband speeds to a crawl.
    Humphrey Cheung, the editor of a techn…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 03/04/2021 @ 04:09:00 PM


    In what’s becoming a trend, Illinois resident David Kauchak was arrested and convicted for tapping into a nonprofit agency’s unsecured wi-fi signal.
    I’m most amused by the uninformed outrage and equivocation over this. This isn̵…

    Trackback by Population Statistic — 03/25/2006 @ 09:02:21 PM

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