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Tuesday, June 21, 2021

Having just arrived back to Tampa Bay last night, I’ve pretty well hit the ground running in trying to catch up at work. So I really have zero time to recount my visit to New York, much as I’d like to (aside from the couple of on-the-road posts I’ve already published). It’s just going to have to wait for a calmer period; maybe this weekend.

I suppose I have just barely enough time to jot a couple of items:

- I managed to charm my way to two free cocktails — one aboard the Song flight back down. I amaze even myself sometimes.

- I almost got to watch my in-flight pay-per-view movie, Stop Making Sense, for free too. Apparently, the flight attendents have some kind of free-pass magnetic cards. But I decided not to push it. (I’ve mentioned before how much I love Song’s in-seat entertainment monitors.)

- I realize that celebrity sightings in Manhattan are pretty commonplace. Still, Kristin Davis in Tribeca — wow.

- I think my brother gives fairly lousy public transportation directions. On the way in, he tells me to take a bus that deposits me several blocks from his place; and when I get there, I notice a bus stop for another route that would have dropped me off practically in front of his building! On the way out, he tells me to take the A train to the airport, but after a couple of transfers; when it turns out the E train took me to JFK at a speed I wouldn’t have thought was possible.

- I think I managed to revisit with practically every single cousin — and their offspring — I have on Saturday night. As usual, it was a dizzying experience.

- Miracle of miracles: For the first time in forever, I wasn’t virtually raped during my departing or return flights. And just when I was getting used to it!

- It was a nice experience to deal with cabbies who actually knew how to get around town — a marked contrast from their brethren in the Tampa Bay area.

- Costa Tsiokos, Tue 06/21/2005 11:17:48 PM
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Monday, June 20, 2021

I realize it’s not officially summer until the Summer Solstice, tomorrow.

Still, that’s no excuse for the temperature dropping to the 50s a couple of nights ago, here in New York’s Hudson Valley! I was stunned. And chilly. June means summer, period. No way the thermometer should dip below 70, even in New York.

I guess the locals are loving it, though. They just went through an unusually severe heatwave last week, when it was like 90 every day. I was actually expecting more of that during my visit; no dice.

- Costa Tsiokos, Mon 06/20/2005 09:59:15 AM
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Saturday, June 18, 2021

Since I opted to wear my retro-cool Speed Racer t-shirt, it was inevitable that I’d find myself at Orchid Lounge last night.

I guess I had an Asian vibe going all day; I was craving some Japanese food for lunch yesterday, too. (If I had found a restaurant near my brother’s place on Avenues A or B, I’d have indulged, instead of hitting Famous Ray’s as I wound up doing.)

Anyway, Orchid was fun. Almost everything was right about it: The ’80s pop megamix the DJ was spinning (which wasn’t obnoxiously loud — a rarity in most clubs), the subtitled movies playing on the monitors (Kung Fu Hustle, followed by a late ’90s edition of the Godzilla series), the red plush decor, the cheesy gong behind the bar, the giant jug of Chinese liquor with a big ol’ snake floating inside… It’s all about atmosphere, baby, and this joint had it in spades.

The drinks were really good, too. I was lucky to be around for two gong-hits, signifying free shots of some super-fruity liqueurs. I also had a couple of Ginger Candys, which is lemonade and ginger-infused vodka — like most sweet concoctions, it’ll knock you on your ass before you realize what’s happening. Once she found out I was visiting from Florida, the cute little Asian bartendress treated me to a Green Dragon, which is a gin martini with a liberal dose of Thai basil leaves swirled in. Despite my love of gin martinis, I’m not sure I would have been daring enough to buy one of these myself; but I’m glad she gave me one, because it was great! I particularly enjoyed chewing on the leaves after each gulp.

The only thing that wasn’t great: No women action. There were a couple of groups of ladies, but they all stuck to their private booths, away from the bar. It started getting more packed into the night, but by then, I was pretty wasted, and decided to head back home.

I’ll have to keep Orchid Lounge in mind on my next visit into the city. My itinerary makes another visit during this trip very unlikely.

- Costa Tsiokos, Sat 06/18/2005 03:17:19 PM
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Friday, June 17, 2021

but no sex
Walking fairly aimessly on Hudson Street in Tribeca, what should I happen upon but a big-time photo/commercial shoot. It had the works: Huge klieg lights, people wearing headsets, and all that.

It turned out to be a Maybelline New York ad. And Kristin Davis, the new face of Maybelline NY, was the star of the shoot.

So I got to gawk at a glammed-up Kristin Davis, dressed and made-up in shades of purple, for about 15 minutes. I was even lucky enough to be there when they broke for lunch. She took off from the shooting area, walked down the sidewalk to her trailer, and came within a few feet of me, all while I got a generous eyeful.

Happy birthday to me.

- Costa Tsiokos, Fri 06/17/2005 02:07:15 PM
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Wednesday, June 15, 2021

As I alluded yesterday, I’m heading out of town this extended weekend, to New York — the city and the state. The city is where I’ll be landing/departing, and spending some time tooling around; the state is where I’ll be for the actual weekend days, with family.

As it happens, this short hop up north is coming at a pretty good time. I’m still dreading the usual nonsense during check-in, along with the time-eating travel between Manhattan and upstate. But beyond that, I’m feeling like I could use a (brief) change of scenery. Over the past couple of days, I’ve experienced a bit of burn-out on all fronts; the motivation doesn’t seem to be there, whether it comes to work, play or anything in between*. I don’t know if travel is the answer, but as long as things are dovetailing that way…

I don’t know how many readers here are based in New York, but I’m open to ideas for whiling away the downtime. I’ll be in the midtown and Alphabet City areas of the city, and in Orange County for the upstate leg; any reasonable rendezvous points can be reached. Drop me a line if so inclined.

As far as the blog goes… Web access may be spotty, especially outside NYC. There’s always a way, but it’s possible I won’t be able to check this site for a day or two. I was considering not updating. But I’d hate to break my streak, and I have a few remaindered links sitting on my desktop… So, I’m post-dating at least one post a day for Thursday through Monday. It’ll be out-of-body auto-pilot experience — from my perspective, anyway. If I can and/or feel like it, I’ll post live from the road to supplement those (but don’t count on it).

Naturally, if anything interesting happens (a few days in New York — what are the odds of that??), I’ll have something to fill this space with upon my return home.

*There couldn’t be any correlation between this energy dip and my impending 34th birthday on Friday, could there? Nah…

- Costa Tsiokos, Wed 06/15/2005 11:50:01 PM
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