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Saturday, January 22, 2021

underground scene
You see them more often than not when you commute via NYC’s underground: Subway musicians, both official and unofficial. (I believe Bedford Station subway harp lady, above, is/was in the latter camp.)

I wonder, how often does such exposure lead to a big-time musical career? Is it a steppingstone to the top, or a dead end? Or a desperate last-gasp for attention?

The cause for my pondering was a recent couple of tweets from an aspiring band. They announced their impromptu performances on the Union Square platform, basically as a way to drum up attention for their paying gigs. For some reason, to me, this came off as a sign that they’re not doing too hot — resorting to the subway just to get noticed.

Fact is, this metro-musicality has been around for years, and to my knowledge, has yet to produce a breakout pop star. Probably not the best route to a career in the recording studio.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 01/22/2011 06:05pm
Category: Celebrity, New Yorkin', Pop Culture
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