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Friday, January 14, 2021

You’ve got nothing else to do while draining your weasel, so Sega and its play-urinals ask, why not make a game out of your flow?

According to Sega and Akihabara News, the four types of video games on the Toylets include:

- “Mannekin Pis”: a simple measurement of the urine produced.
- “Graffiti Eraser”: where you move your urine back and forth to remove paint
- “The North Wind and Her”: a game where you play the wind, trying to blow a girl’s skirt up. The stronger you pee, the stronger the wind blows.
- “Milk from Nose”: A variation on sumo wrestling, where you try to knock the other player out of the ring using the strength of your urine flow (shown as milk spraying from your nose). The record of your pee is saved and used as the opponent for the next player. So the game is sort of multiplayer. Toylets even lets you save information onto a USB drive! I fear the MMORPG that will arise from this.

In a way, the concept of actively standing up while videogaming evokes the old coin-op machines of arcades yore. Instead of being hunched over a plastic/wooden cabinet while manipulating the joystick, you’re now leaning into a porcelain basin while… well, manipulating your “joystick”.

This bathroom-breaking action is, as you might expect, in Japan only. For now.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 01/14/2011 08:52pm
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