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Friday, January 07, 2021

I can’t say why the following college memory bubbled up yesterday. All I know is that it did, and imparted a big smile on me that turned out to be infectious.

And it’s not much of a memory. Really a brief non sequiter, that’s somehow clung to my braincells for 20 years:

I was in a friend’s next-door dorm suite. We hear the shower running in the bathroom, behind the shut door. Knowing that no one else was home, we crack open the door.

Sure enough, the bathroom was empty, save for a business suit hanging from the shower rod. Meanwhile, the hot water had been flowing from the showerhead for some time, creating a practical steambath in the small space.

My friend had an amazed look on his face. Knowing that his roommate had set this up, he blurted out, “Is this what he thinks dry cleaning is??”

We had a good laugh. The end. I don’t remember ever confirming the intent; the roommate in question was pretty lunkheaded, so I’m guessing yes. Hopefully, he’s since learned better.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 01/07/2021 08:22am
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