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Monday, January 03, 2021

look out below
I’ve had a day to digest the absurdity of the Seattle Seahawks winning the NFC West with a 7-9 record, the first sub-.500 division champion in NFL history.

And all I can come up with is this: That the National Football League has, improbably, stumbled across its own franchise-level version of the Mendoza Line. The Seahawks’ 2010 winning percentage of .438 might seem gaudy next to the Mendoza threshold of .200, but when we’re talking about football standings, it’s equivalent.

To an extent, the losing record is merely symbolic. Would Seattle truly be any better of a team if it had squeezed out one more win, to finish a comparably respectable 8-8? No. It’s still a rotten team, that just happened to be grouped with three other rotten teams, and somebody had to wind up on top.

It sucks for the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Bucs, the other NFC teams that finished up 10-6 yet were shut out of postseason action. The league can look at revising the playoff qualification rules for the future. But if nothing else, they should really revisit the onetime proposal to strip division winners of homefield advantage if their records aren’t better than those of their wild-card opponents. It’s bad enough that Seattle gets into the playoffs, but to have it host a playoff game is doubly ridiculous.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 01/03/2021 11:28pm
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There are a gazillion eateries surrounding New York’s theater district, but none of them have the distinctive ambiance of Joe Allen Restaurant. Said ambiance is delivered by The Flop Wall: A decades-old collection of theatrical posters from some of Broadway’s most spectacular/overhyped flops.

I’ll have to drop into Joe’s for lunch sometime, to see the wall art for myself. The online slideshow is fine, but not particularly user-friendly. It does include the poster for 1972′s “Via Galactica”, a seven-performance sci-fi musical flameout that seemed doomed from the start:

For a moment the show was to be called “Up,” but when posted next to the Uris [Theater] name on the marquee, it sent an unfortunate message. Once again, the title became “Via Galactica.”

Hopefully, Joe Allen’s has reserved some wall space for the next sure-bet addition to this rogues gallery, the body-count building spectacle that is “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 01/03/2021 08:57am
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