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Saturday, November 06, 2021

I’m not much of a fan of gimmicky Flash-site marketing tactics, but I’m finding Save The Words to be a cute hoot. Oxford University Press dreamed it up, obviously to promote the sale and use of its dictionary business.

Mousing over reveals the aim: A wallpaper of words plead with you to “pick me!” as candidates for adoption, AKA more frequent usage. They need it too, as the adoptees in question aren’t exactly everyday-language types. Take “synapistic”, an adjective for “consisting of mustard”; or “abligurition”, which refers to “a prodigal spending on meat and drink”. (Actually, most of the words I’m mousing over seem to stump other online dictionaries; I’ll assume that the terms are so outdated and British that no one’s thought to include them in current lexicons.)

My vocabulary is already varied enough, thanks. But I’ll keep this collection of lingua obscura in mind if I ever need a really far-out synonym. Like “gleimous”, for when I run across someone particularly slimy or full of phlegm…

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 11/06/2021 05:44pm
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I have a constructive message for TBO.com, also known as The Tampa Tribune:

I moved away from the Tampa Bay area close to five years ago now. I think you can go ahead and remove the link-listing to this blog from your “sampling of top area blogs” sidebar.

In fact, have someone — an editor, assuming you actually employ any editorial talent nowadays — refresh that entire list. Because it obviously hasn’t been reviewed in ages now. That my blog, now a New York-based product, is still there is proof enough; but a quick click-through of the other blogs listed reveals a motley lot, with more than half obviously defunct. Surely Florida’s west-central Gulf coast has a couple of more current representatives in the blogosphere, even if the Social Media Age has made first-person permalinking somewhat passe.

And don’t worry about how I’ll survive over here without the linkage from a metropolitan newspaper site. Fact is, the only time I notice the incoming links from TBO is when they rarely come in — maybe once every 2-3 months, tops. Not exactly a deluge of traffic.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this overall lack of web media savvy from the Trib and its media group. Further evidence that they don’t know what they’re doing online: They feel the need to employ a bit.ly-styled shortlink URL: http://tbo.ly. Because, somehow, tbo.com is too damned long, with that extra-letter “m”?

by Costa Tsiokos, Sat 11/06/2021 03:57pm
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