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Friday, November 05, 2021

My eyes were wandering this morning as I sipped my tea, and they landed on the coffee shop’s bulletin board. And the first thing I noticed? Of course — a couple of side-by-side fliers for guitar lessons.

Seems like you can’t hang up a corkboard without someone populating it with an offer for six-string musical instruction. There’s no escaping this fixture. I bet I’ve never come across a public bulletin board that didn’t have at least one such ad. Heck, the community pin-up section is a much-recommended venue for promoting a “guitar lesson business” (whatever that is, beyond an out-of-work band member scrounging for a few bucks).

The practice is so commonplace now that I doubt anyone thinks to look anywhere else for this service. It’s straight to the local market or shop to scan the thumbtacked pieces of paper, and call the grooviest-looking guitar guru. Provided his (it’s always “his”, right?) ad has easy-tear-off paper tabs with phone number for convenience. And it’s a given that the “first lesson is free”.

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 11/05/2021 08:42pm
Category: Advert./Mktg., Society
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