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Friday, October 22, 2021

I’m not familiar enough with the geography of the Los Angeles metroplex to know anything about Culver City. So I don’t know how cool CulverLand, a limted-time life-sized boardgame art installation incorporating a stretch of the city’s sidewalks, really is:

In CulverLand, human game pieces can proceed to the next square, for example, when they are passed by a car painted the same color as their current square.

An alternate drinking-game version involves matching cocktails to the colors.

But it definitely sounds cool, both virgin and alcholic editions.

This bit stood out for me:

When [CulverLand artist John] Derevlany field-tested his creation, composed of the six most common car colors, he had to reduce the bright hues, especially greens.

“Artistically, I wanted lots of blue, red and green, but two-thirds of cars are black, white or gray-silver,” he said.

That majority representation of neutral-tone car colors reinforces what I noticed when I visited LA earlier this year:

Odd experience while sitting at an intersection on Hollywood Boulevard for some 15 minutes: Practically every single non-livery vehicle that rolled by was either white, black, or some grey shade in between. No joke, by the time I actually started paying attention, I didn’t see a single passenger car with a colorful hue whiz by. It was bizarre. Is there some sort of prohibition against rainbow-colors paintjobs on your ride in Hollywood?

So I guess there really is some sort of groupthink/hivemind against true-color automobiles amongst Angelenos? Perhaps a bizarre manifestation of the decades-old car culture in Southern California — the gas-guzzlers are so ingrained into the fabric of life there that there’s no desire to make them stand out visually? Worthy of further investigation, I think.

Anyway, I’d almost like to see a similar chutes-and-ladders creative application on Manhattan’s streets. Except that we don’t need yet another thing clogging up the sidewalks. Maybe Brooklyn instead…

by Costa Tsiokos, Fri 10/22/2010 12:15pm
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