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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Back in March, Brooklyn’s infamous Gowanus Canal was declared a Federal EPA Superfund clean-up site. Looking at this video of the waterway in wastewater-waving action, you wonder why that declaration took so long to come:

Yes, that’s the Gowanus literally going up shit creek:

During the Sept. 16 deluge, a tidal wave of untreated raw sewage was unleashed upon the forsaken canal, a river of bile so rich in excrement that the waterway’s usual fluorescent blue was transformed into a deep chocolate brown in roughly 90 seconds…

The “[shit] storm” is a byproduct of the city’s 130-year-old sewer system, which carries both rainwater and wastewater — and dumps raw sewage into the waterway during all heavy rains, when the antiquated system becomes so overburdened that feces-filled water gets diverted away from overwhelmed sewage plants into the canal and other waterways. The system “works” insomuch as it diverts sewage away from treatment plants that are at maximum capacity.

It goes without saying that Gowanus is a crappy neighborhood, rain or shine. Especially rain…

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Tonight, I deleted every single song by The Hives that was on my hard drive/iTunes library (and, by extension, my iPhone and iTouch).

I’m treating this development as a sign of unexpected maturity. Let’s go with that.

by Costa Tsiokos, Tue 09/28/2010 07:39pm
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