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Sunday, September 26, 2021

spooky circle
Autumn has definitely set in here in the Northeast. As much as I like the summertime heat, I’m grateful for the climactic shift.

I’m also eager for the onset of my favorite holiday, strictly in terms of decor: Halloween. So much so that, time permitting, I’ll start hanging up my ghosts, jack-o’-lanterns and other seasonal decorations this week, a good month before trick-or-treating time. (I used to think such premature displays were tacky, but whatever — by now, I’m accustomed to becoming that which I once despised.)

To further jumpstart the ghouls-and-goblins spirit, I’m re-posting the above photo, purloined from Flickr. I still get a kick out of it, after two years of showing it off. I’ve yet to find a suitable site to recreate this white-sheet ghosts staging — I don’t have a tree available for such a spooky seance. But hopefully, it’ll inspire me to come up with a reasonable facsimile in the space I have to work in.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 09/26/2010 10:33pm
Category: Creative, Photography
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