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Monday, September 13, 2021

Here’s a new one on me:

I recently got a new wallet, and I’m still working out the placement within of my various plastic cards: Which ones should be closer to the front for easy access, which can be tucked deeper for safekeeping, etc. There’s a special flip-out holder within the wallet that’s clearly intended for your driver’s license (or other frequently-flashed form of ID, since New York State makes allowances for a big chunk of the population that doesn’t drive).

I have been keeping my own driver’s license in this holder. But every so often, I’ll overlay the DL with another card or random scrap of paper, just because this slot is convenient for slipping things in or out of the wallet. No big deal for me.

Apparently, it is for others, though. An acquaintance of mine noticed that I kept my license covered up this way, and practically lost it. He insisted that a driver’s license should be kept in the most prominent placeholder in your wallet, so that you can pull it out and display it as quickly as possible when it’s requested. He went a step further: He claimed that such topmost placement was required by law, if not throughout the land, then at least in New York. Basically, the claim is that if a cop asks you to produce your license, and he notices that you have it buried within your billfold, he’ll fine you for not having easy access to it.

I’m dumbfounded. I’m also deeply skeptical of the legal angle — there’s no way Albany or any other State capital is invading your pocket to dictate where you keep your photo ID. It makes for a nice urban legend, though. Here’s hoping that this post somehow aids in that.

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/13/2010 11:25pm
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Just a little housekeeping note for this little ol’ blog: Today, I removed the CommenTwitter plugin for WordPress, which I’d installed more than a year ago.

Frankly, it never lived up to even my modest expectations. I can count on two hands (barely) the number of times someone other than myself actually used it to send out a comment to Twitter. I guess I’m one of the very few who thought it was neat to tweet out a comment snippet with backlink…

On top of that, the plugin appears to have stopped working recently; again, since it got so little use, I can’t say how long it’s been out of commission. In any case, that served as enough of an excuse to finally de-commission it, which I’d been thinking of doing for a while. It wasn’t as simple as just deactivating and deleting the files — I actually had to dig into a couple of theme templates to remove some hard coding. Luckily, I must have had some foresight when I first added that, because it was pretty painless to complete. Done and done.

Not that I’ve abandoned the concept of tweet-ability for this blog. I’m still using WordTwit, which auto-tweets a link to each post as soon as I publish them. And I’ve since installed the official Twitter Retweet Button, which more or less supplants what CommenTwitter was supposed to fulfill, in an even simpler way from the user’s perspective. (Not that the Retweet Button has seen a lot of action on this site, but I’ll stick with it as a more elegant solution, regardless.)

by Costa Tsiokos, Mon 09/13/2010 10:36pm
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