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Sunday, August 22, 2021

no license
Early last week, I received a couple of unsolicited offers for revenue generation from the content I’ve generated on the Web:

- D2, a newspaper-insert magazine-lette akin to the New York Times’ T Magazine, requested permission to use a long-ago photo I took of the former American Apparel billboard adspace on Manhattan’s Houston Street (a crop of which is featured above).

- The same day, someone at vectorTrap asked to place a text ad on the index page of this blog. Something to do with wireless phone service, I think.

The common thread? Both offers flaked out. I might have scared them off. I asked for a relatively hefty sum from vectorTrap (“hefty” if you consider that I’m sure these outfits usually pay out only a couple of bucks to more naive bloggers), while I told D2 that I’d expect accreditation and some sort of compensation. I didn’t hear back from either after relaying that information. I know D2′s request was time-sensitive, hinging on the production deadline for their next issue, so I assume they moved on.

No big loss, although I’d gladly take the money/credit if it was offered up. Part of my ulterior motive was to avoid going out of my way for such non-spam inquiries, so in that sense, I got what I wanted. The micro-monetization of user-generated Web content doesn’t seem well-structured for substantial cash outlays.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/22/2010 06:07pm
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If you’re too much of a wuss to get your entire arm festooned with tattoos, then you’re probably also wussy enough to buy a Kickin’ Ink Temporary Arm Tattoo Sleeve:

And don’t forget that wristband. Not only does this nylon fakery not work unless the lower edge is concealed (thus avoiding the obvious contrast with the wearer’s real skin), but the whole scumbag-poser look just isn’t complete without a faux-heavy metal accessory.

I assume that the $14.95 price point for these things is aimed toward aspiring douchebags who can’t afford similarly-effecting Ed Hardy clothing.

by Costa Tsiokos, Sun 08/22/2010 05:06pm
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