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Thursday, August 19, 2021

to pop or not to pop
Two years after the turn of this century, I started blogging. Two years after that, I moved my bloggage to Population Statistic. And today, to the day, I’m celebrating six years of running this every-single-day-posting blog.

And how am I celebrating? By seriously considering closing up shop.

It’s true. The handful of regular visitors to this space may have noticed the precipitous drop-off in posting lately, down to a single post per day. That’s well off my pace from years ago, when I would routinely knock out 4-5 posts daily. There’s no doubt about it: I’m running out of steam. I still enjoy writing on this, my little corner of the Web, and even look forward to it most days. But even when the motivation is there, I’m finding it difficult to produce anything that I’d consider worthwhile. It’s getting to the point where I’m disqualifying potential material, ostensibly because it’s not interesting enough, but really because I don’t feel like going through the exercise of crafting a mini-essay.

I can’t say that this low-ebb phase will last. It’s entirely possible that I’ll recharge the creative juices soon, whether due to a change in climate, a shift in lifestyle, or some other factor. But at this moment, I can’t see it. And I don’t see the point in pushing on when I’m not fully into it. Rather than go to a non-daily posting schedule — which is the present trajectory — I’d sooner just pull the site down. Maybe to start over with a new site/blog, or maybe not.

This is kind of a downer way to commemorate a six/eight-year run, especially since most bloggers are lucky to keep at it for more than a few months. All thing have to end eventually — assuming I do end this online hobby. Stay tuned.

by Costa Tsiokos, Thu 08/19/2010 11:52pm
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  1. As someone that has failed to stop blogging on multiple occasions, I would recommend trying a hiatus first. I find that after some time off, the blogworthy thoughts start accumulating and what seemed tedious when I had been blogging for years straight starts becoming more fun again.

    Comment by Trumwill — 08/22/2010 @ 8:44 PM

  2. @trumwill: Thanks for the advice. We’ll see. I’ve taken involuntary hiatuses before, can’t say they had an effect one way or the other. It could be that by just airing out my feelings on this current slump, that alone will serve as a spark. Or not…

    Comment by CT — 08/23/2010 @ 10:26 AM

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